Birkirkara, Malta — April 6, 2022 — Covery, enterprise-grade risk management and fraud prevention platform, offers free access to its services to all Ukraine-based companies or businesses with Ukrainian capital to help them overcome the consequences of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Till the end of 2022, Covery provides free access to its platform (integration, configuration, and maintenance) for any Ukraine-based business, or business with Ukrainian origins. The offer is applicable to companies with a legal entity, beneficiary, capital, or R&D center in Ukraine. For more information, contact the company by email at


Covery is a risk management and fraud prevention platform able to identify and block traffic and transactions from certain locations (even through VPN), among other features. Covery offers various services free of charge — device screening and fingerprinting for device tracking, real-time transaction monitoring, in-depth risk scoring with a flexible risk logic engine and supervised Machine Learning, automated chargeback management, detailed logging, reporting, and analytics.

Integration with Covery can be used to combat Russian aggression in the digital world. It is relevant for various types of business:

  • For banks and PSPs — blocking payments from/to cards issued by aggressors, especially those of Mir brand;
  • For online merchants — declining payments from Russia, which will be blocked by payment processors anyway. This helps companies save on payment processing;
  • For social media, marketplaces and online media — blocking traffic from Russia to prevent bot attacks, spam and social engineering on media resources;
  • For webmasters — blocking affiliate traffic by IP address (even through VPN), emails, bank ID cards of Russian origin.

“Russian invasion is a grave violation of international laws and a crime against humanity. We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, condemn the violence and human rights abuses caused by the Russian invasion,” said Alexander Khelemskiy, Product Owner of Covery. “As Russian companies and individuals are hit by sanctions, they try using online transactions as a means to evade punishment and save their money. Most companies won’t do this willingly, so Russians turn to fraud and deception. Covery can help protect your business from unknowingly becoming an accomplice to the crime.”

About Covery

Covery is Malta-based enterprise-grade risk management and fraud prevention platform operating in the US, EU and nearly 170 more countries. Covery can help businesses avoid fraud and bot attacks, and minimize the numbers of chargebacks and transaction processing fees. It also helps automate third-party KYC/AML capabilities for customer identification, save resources due to automated transaction monitoring and ensure regulatory compliance.

Founded in 2016, Covery has prevented more than 280 million risky transactions and helped businesses worldwide save above 5 trillion in potential losses. Covery is PSD2 compliant and was certified under GDPR and ISO 27001 early this year. For more details, please visit the Covery website.

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