The financial market in 2021 is considered a boom year for the cryptocurrency industry. Market cap peaked at over $3 billion, $BTC surged 70%, $ETH surged hundreds of percent, and a bunch of altcoins were born.

Earning Opportunities For Huobi Users With Crypto Trends In 2022

Along with the solid technical development, 2021 will witness the explosion of a series of trends such as NFT (non-fungible asset), Metaverse, GameFi, Web3.0,… These trends have attracted many new users to enter the crypto market. Moreover, crypto has not only stopped being a common trend. Still, it has also proven its popularity when it is legalized by some countries $BTC, opening up excellent development potential for the whole market.

Ending 2021 with a series of blooming trends, Move-to-Earn was chosen as the opening trend for 2022. For those who do not know, Move-to-Earn is a new change from the Play-to-Earn trend. Instead of people participating in games to earn money, now Move-to-Earn will allow players to make money through outdoor physical activities such as jogging, soccer, cycling, Etc.

Through mobile devices such as smartphones, smart watches,… The data about your physical activity will be collected and then converted into data to be converted into assets in the application. The community appreciates the move-to-Earn trend because it encourages people to be more active, improves health, and is a niche market but very valuable.

Make money with the Move-to-Earn trend

A few reasons why Move-to-Earn has become a trend:

  • After the Covid pandemic, people are more concerned about their health and respond to activities to improve health.
  • People are increasingly raising their awareness of protecting the environment, promoting the use of clean energy accompanied by saving energy by walking to the workplace.
  • It doesn’t require much knowledge, and it’s a regular activity that anyone can do.
  • The products are integrated utilities and have administrative tokens, making trade easy.

There are many forms of the Move-to-Earn trend, such as jogging, football, and cycling,… and to earn money in the app, users can complete daily tasks, minting, item trading, and staking.

After the crypto community well-received the Move-to-Earn movement, a series of serial trends were born, such as Sleep-to-Earn, Sing-to-Earn, or Watch-to-Earn. These trends are collectively known as X-to-Earn – Lifestyle Monetization. All daily human activities such as eating, exercising, sleeping, shopping, studying, playing games or watching movies will generate profits.

This creates a trend to build a new economic model that focuses on user behaviour. This is perhaps revolutionary in tilting the balance of power back towards users/participants in proportion to their contributions. In the general view, maybe the X-to-Earn model was born to reinforce project loyalty and user retention. From there, it makes users become essential people and the builders of that project, creating a sense of cohesion between the user and the project.

A few projects in the X-to-Earn trend have made a splash recently.

  • Move-to-Earn: DOSE, Genopet, StepN, Sweetcoin, Step App,…
  • Learn-to-Earn: LetMeSpeak
  • Write-to-Earn: Crypnote
  • Drive-to-Earn: Hivemapper
  • Sing-to-Earn: Seoul Stars; Cipher
  • Watch-to-Earn: SocialVerse
  • Sleep-to-Earn: Sleep Future
  • Eat-to-Earn: Poppin
  • Drink-to-Earn: CLASS Coin

Huobi Users Monetization Opportunities

Currently, some tokens of the X-to-Earn trend, such as $DOSE, $FITFI, $GST, and $GMT,… have been listed on the Huobi Global exchange, where you can easily trade tokens of X-to-Earn projects on Huobi Global.

Huobi Global, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has expanded to more than 130 countries and is also an indispensable exchange for Vietnamese people using cryptocurrencies. Some programs that support and encourage users on the Huobi Global exchange are quite attractive such as referral programs and daily and weekly monetization programs such as CandyDrop, PrimeEarn, Primebox,…


CandyDrop is a daily airdrop program that rewards users with the opportunity to win $100 airdrop tokens. The event is updated daily to encourage active traders.


Primelist is the new token listing platform on Huobi Global with special price offers. In addition, Primelist will count potential tokens weekly for institutions and individual investors, providing the opportunity to approach projects in the early stages.

The system will randomly select 6,000 lucky users among all participants to be eligible to buy and allocate PLATO worth $50 per winner.


Primebox is Huobi Global’s exclusive promotion to give users the best opportunities and benefits.

Total prize pool: $1,000,000USD – $2,000,000

Welcome Bonus: Rewards for new users, worth up to $700USD, after completing the tasks.

Why choose Huobi Global to trade?

  • Huobi supports cross-platform devices such as iOS, Android, Windows and Mac.
  • The interface is beautiful, professional, easy to use and close to the users.
  • The professional customer support team, enthusiastic 24/7, supports customer point-to-point API.
  • The security is highly rated, confirmed by Email and supports 2-factor (2FA) security, SMS.
  • Large trading volume, high liquidity.
  • Vietnamese support team and large user community
  • Many special offers for users: Referral programs, monetization programs such as CandyDrop, PrimeEarn, Primebox,…

Hopefully, the basic information about the trend of making money in the financial market in 2022 and the overview of Huobi Global will help you have a better overview of the market and potential projects.

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