The decision to leave Belarus was made a long time ago – and this means a complete termination of all relations that takes time to finalize. When the war started we did not want to leave our people in Belarus. However, the compromises are no longer possible – we transfer business control to a local team so they could decide their destiny. We finally take the Parimatch brand away from Belarus.

Pari Match Belarus

The holding transfers the services and client support to the management of the local team in Belarus, which is no longer part of the Parimatch holding. The holding will no longer receive profit from the company operating in Belarus, either today or in the future. We expect to bear substantial losses as a result of this decision.

We are in the process of breaking off relations with the Republic of Belarus in compliance with all laws and ensuring the continued safety and support of our employees and customers. During the transition period, the services will remain available in Belarus and will be managed by the new owner.

Earlier, the company announced the withdrawal of the franchise from the Russian Federation. The platform has not been available there since March, and Parimatch brand is prohibited to use.

Despite the magnitude of this decision, we as a company are confident in the future of our business and strive to deliver quality and reliable services to our customers worldwide.

We urge you to stop speculation on this topic.

Parimatch has been building its reputation over the years. We are proud of numerous worthy deeds for society, honesty to customers and partners, and care for employees.

We are ready to defend our position in court. The strongest argument on our side is the truth. And the funds that competitors sent to black PR and custom publications would be better directed to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Ukraine is above All!

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