On February 26, the Day of Resistance to the Occupation of Crimea, the Crimean branch of the resistance movement “Yellow Ribbon” started an open-ended campaign “The Freedom Hour Is Coming”. Activists are turning the Z symbols, which russians leave on the streets of occupied cities and villages, into blue and yellow hourglasses. This is a reminder that the time of the occupiers on the Ukrainian territory is ending and the liberation of the occupied territories is coming.

Rashist “Z”s are disappearing in Crimea: pro-Ukrainian activists are turning them into hourglasses

“For 9 years of occupation, russia did everything to destroy Ukrainian resistance in Crimea, by imprisoning and kidnapping those who remained loyal to Ukraine. But despite everything, the resistance on the peninsula is only getting stronger, and its most prevalent representative is the Crimean branch of the Yellow Ribbon resistance movement. The campaign “The Freedom Hour Is Coming”, which they launched on the Day of Resistance to the Occupation of Crimea, is an important message that our citizens in occupied Crimea and in all temporarily occupied territories should hear. This is a reminder that Ukraine is by their side and that we will all win together.” — says Tamila Tasheva, permanent representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea.

“The Freedom Hour Is Coming” campaign by Yellow Ribbon has already reached Yalta, Simferopol, Sevastopol, Saki and other settlements of the peninsula. Activists call on Ukrainians in all the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine to join the action, and people all over the world to support the movement and share information about the resistance.

“Since the beginning of the full-scale war, the yellow ribbon has become a symbol of Ukrainian resistance to the russian invaders. More than 7,000 people have already joined the movement, distributing yellow ribbons, leaflets and graffiti with pro-Ukrainian slogans in TOT. The Crimean branch of the movement is one of the largest. The blue and yellow hourglasses that have begun to appear on the peninsula are our warning to the occupiers that they have little time left to leave Ukrainian territories.” — says the curator of “Yellow Ribbon”.

The public resistance movement “Yellow Ribbon” was formed in the spring of 2022 in Kherson, and has now spread to all temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. Ukrainians under occupation can join the movement through the Telegram bot to receive assignments, posters and leaflets and to learn about safety rules.

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