On the anniversary of the full-scale war, ARTEMSIL SE and the UNITED24 platform present a special batch of salt.

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‘SOLEDARITY. Ukrainian Rock-Solid Strength’ is now in packages of 200g. The batch consists of 100,000 packs, as 20 tons of Soledar salt has been located despite russian aggression.

‘SOLEDARITY. Ukrainian Rock-Solid Strength’ is available in the Silpo chain and on the ROZETKA online store. All profits — 465 UAH from each pack — will be transferred to the Flotilla of Kamikaze Drones for the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine.

In April 2022, russian shelling halted  salt extraction from  Soledar mines — the first stoppage since World War II. Workshops at ARTEMSIL burned down, destroying  equipment and buildings. Over 2,500 people, whose lives were inextricably connected with Donbas, left their homes. Despite some stock being removed prior to evacuation,  ARTEMSIL, known and loved by millions of Ukrainians, disappeared from store shelves in summer 2022.

“Our enterprise was forced to cease work in the spring of 2022. We know that Ukrainian consumers join us in missing the ARTEMSIL packs that became another symbol of Ukrainian strength. So, we contacted our official distributors about any salt remaining — we managed to find 20 tons. Today, we are announcing that ARTEMSIL is coming back to the market in a special form, and with an important purpose,” commented the Head of Communications at ARTEMSIL, Volodymyr Nyzyienko. “Despite the fact that our hometown and salt mines are temporarily occupied, we believe that “Ukrainian Rock-Solid Strength” will withstand all ordeals and we will regain Soledar, just like all Ukrainian cities.”

The famous Ukrainian designer, Artem Gusev, illustrated the packaging for this special batch of «ARTEMSIL». The word “Salt” was replaced by “Strength,” and the stone flower replaced with a trident. The design became viral, being used as avatars on social networks and published in the media. We brought Artem’s idea to life.

 “When we first saw this illustration, we realized that we had to bring it to life. Not only to bring the legendary salt back to the shelves, but also to give all Ukrainians a little bit of strength. We contacted ARTEMSIL SE and saw how important this project was for them. Indeed, this is an opportunity to commemorate the enterprise that provided salt for the whole of Ukraine; it’s one of the largest in the world. There are 2,500 people whose lives are inextricably connected to the mines of Soledar,” said UNITED24 coordinator, Yaroslava Gres.

The price of one pack is 500.00 UAH. 465.00 UAH from each sale will be transferred via UNITED24 to the Flotilla of Kamikaze Drones for the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine. One drone costs $700.

 “The Kamikaze FPV (First Person View) drone has become a revolutionary combat tool. Such drones are used  as literal sniper weapons, with up to 8 kilometers of range. Installed cameras and modern communications equipment allow the operator to control the aircraft in real-time, while remaining at a safe distance themselves. Thanks to this special batch of ARTEMSIL, we will manage to fully equip a new strike group with  FPV drones; soon, they’ll be used to defend our country across the front lines,” said the Commander of the “Kryla” (Wings) unit of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, callsign “Volunteer.”

This special edition of ARTEMSIL  is available in the Silpo chain and on the ROZETKA online store.

 “We discovered 300 tons of the legendary salt and brought it back on our shelves. It quickly sold out. So, it’s an honor for us to present ARTEMSIL, “Ukrainian Rock-Solid Strength,” in special packaging and with a huge purpose. You can find it at any of our stores. One of the Kyiv stores has even been temporarily renamed from Silpo to Sil,” said the Marketing Director of Silpo, Kateryna Ohuriaieva.

 “Well-known to all Ukrainians, ARTEMSIL is now unavailable to us due to the russian invasion. Just like many other things that we have learned to appreciate during this tumultuous year. ROZETKA is proud to exclusively present a special charity batch of ARTEMSIL online. We will deliver it free of charge to all our delivery points in Ukraine, because “Ukrainian Rock-Solid Strength” is exactly what we all need,” said the Co-Founder of ROZETKA, Vladyslav Chechotkin.

*Sale and delivery is limited to Ukraine. The state recognizes salt as a strategic product. Therefore, its export in any form is currently prohibited.

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