The whole world’s attention is focused on Ukraine now, where those events that will determine the future humankind history take place.

Who will win: Ukraine or Russia, the Democratic World or the Totalitarian Regime, Good or Evil?


From now on, every citizen of any country can monitor the course of the Russian-Ukrainian war personally, receiving truthful information directly from thousands of Ukrainians who bacame witnesses of tragic but at the same time heroic actions.

For this purpose, the International Project #MyWar was launched – this is “Living Diary” of real stories about the war written by ordinary Ukrainians who were forced to be at the epicenter of events.


In a short time, more than 2,700 stories have already appeared on the Project portal that garnered more than 4 million views.

The project was initiated by: Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, Association of Innovative and Digital Education and Totonis Company.

“Now, millions of Ukrainians have witnessed the war. That reality the people of Ukraine are facing now is not only proof of the aggression of the russian federation, but also proof of crimes against humanity. Now we are at the forefront and we are defending not only our country, but the entire civilized world, every citizen of democratic countries.  We share our experience and feelings with the world. Every story of Ukrainians must be heard. We appeal to every citizen of the civilized world to take the side of Good in the fight against Evil,” Oleksandr Tkachenko, Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine said.

In addition to real stories of Ukrainians, there are videos and photos on the #MyWar platform that clearly demonstrate what is happening in Ukraine.

“Everyone who posts any material on the platform is moderated before the story will be available.  This was implemented so that other users of the platform can be sure that stories were written by real people,” told Mariya Boguslav, Executive Director of the Association for Innovative and Digital Education.

Dasha Yurchenko, Bucha

«In the cold and darkness, the body stops listening to you, and the explosions are so loud that because of non-acquaintance, you are 100% sure that there are no houses on top … in 10 minutes a shot from a tank flies near with such force that for the first time in life your ears are stuffed up and jaw is cramped…»

Malynovska Zlatoslava, Mariupol

“Every day less and less food Then I rethought the essence of death, or more precisely its cause. I stopped being afraid of the projectile coming straight to my head, because it’s fast. But to die of starvation in the siege of the city is another thing… »

Elena Trutneva, Gostomel

«At 11:30 a squadron of helicopters flew over our houses towards Vyshhorod and Kyiv. That were Russian descent helicopters, which were flying very low over the roofs of houses and treetops, and scattering heat rockets. They were flying so low that from one helicopter the pilot turned to me and we met eyes. Terrible feeling of animal fear. At that moment, the shooting began…»

Svetlana, Kharkiv

«Night. It is impossible to sleep. Explosions. Air alert. At home, then in the basement. Everyone is tired.

We went to the gas station to refuel the car. The queue was huge, explosions were heard somewhere nearby.

After standing for several hours, they said the petrol ran out.

Thoughts… time was wasted. Nothing was done…»

Roman Kologoida, Polohy city, Zaporizhia region

«In a moment later I saw a flash, after which the window inserts flew out and the glass flew all over the room. I got up quickly and ran barefoot through the broken glass into the corridor…»

Daria, Kherson

«There is nothing worse than war … Loss of relatives … People die every day. For what? Why? It’s scary to look at the ruins of the city where I was born, grew up, lived … Until recently, I was making plans for my birthday … the future … And now at any moment a rocket may fly … My house may not be anymore…»

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