The events of recent years in the world in general and in Ukraine in particular dealt a serious blow to all areas of business, including the activities of FMCG retailers. But life goes on and the need to feed people has not been canceled. A large share in solving this problem belongs to food supermarkets in Ukraine. Despite everything, they “keep the beat”, and some even expand their network of outlets. This is one of the main performance indicators and it can be used to compile a list of TOP organizations in recent years. The data is presented according to the results of research by GT Partners Ukraine:

TOP grocery retailers in Ukraine:

No. Company Chain name City Number of stores
2022 2021 2020 2019 2018
1 ATB-market ATБ, ATБ express Dnipro 1137 1314 1201 1078 990
2 Fozzy Group Сільпо, Thrash!, Фора, Fozzy, Le Silpo, Favore Kyiv 658 714 614 561 540
3 VolWest Group Наш Край, SPAR Lutsk 246 278 281 277 247
4 Aretail КОЛО Kyiv 192 252 221 105 52
5 Lvivholod Рукавичка, Під боком Lviv 191 185 179 159 141
6 MHP M’yasomarket Kyiv 156 180 52
7 OPTTORG-15, NMSM “Delvі” Delvi Kyiv 142 156 135 112 109
8 Clever Stors Sim23 , Сім23 to go Lutsk 133 126 89
9 Veresen plus Faino market, Social store, Varto Kropyvnytskyi 133 125
10 Merezha-service-Lviv Blizenko Lviv 127 119 90
11 EKO EKO market, Sympatic Kyiv 137 144 148 114
12 LK-Trans LotOK Kyiv 91 84
13 Modern-Trade “Kopіyka”, “Kopіyka minimarket” Santim Odesa 90 86
14 Tavriya V, Tavriya Plus Tavriya V Odesa 86 76

*Information for 2022 is given as of June, excluding stores that ended up in the occupied territory, as well as without temporarily closed due to destruction .

*The figure for TOV “Veresen plus” for 2022 is given taking into account counter-type Faino market outlets.

ATB opened in Dnipro, updated in a “black format”

ATB opened in Dnipro, updated in a “black format”

The table clearly shows that over the past 5 years the top three have remained unchanged. These are Dnipro ATB-market, Kyiv Fozzy Group and Lutsk VolWest Group. Moreover, the first is ahead of the second, and the second is ahead of the third by a wide margin. But in the first six the situation is somewhat different. Kyiv Ariteil and Myasomarket quickly burst into it. Lvovkholod managed to stay in it, but the capital’s Delvi was pushed back to seventh place.

It makes no sense to analyze the number of stores opened by food retailers in 2022 for well-known reasons. Although here, the fact that four companies from the top ten managed to increase the number of outlets even under such conditions deserves attention: Lvovkholod, Lutsk Clover Stores, Veresen plus from Kropyvnytskyi and Merezh-Service-Lviv.

Leaders in 2021

If we take the relatively calm 2021, when the pandemic was officially still there, but no one really paid attention to it, then the Kiev Myasomarket turned out to be “ahead of the rest” – 133 new stores. In just one year, the MHP agricultural holding has increased its sales network by 4 times! This is more than the leader of 2020 ATB (118 stores in 2021, 127 in 2020), not to mention the rest of the top five: Fozzy Group (102), KOLO (59) and Alliance Osnova from Vinnitsa (PRO, Osnova and Home Market, 55 stores). (The figures are slightly different from the tabular ones due to objects opened in place of points of other operators).

Data by regions

And what was the activity of retailers in 2021 in the regional context? Most often, they opened new stores in the capital of our state (19.4%) and in Western Ukraine (27.6%). Almost every third new retail outlet was opened in the Transcarpathian, Khmelnytsky, Chernivtsi, Lvov, Rivne, Ternopil or Volyn regions. More supermarkets began to open in the north of the country (16.2%) and in the center (14.5%). But in the south and east, the share of presentations decreased, respectively, to 11.3% and 11.1%. But in general, if you do not take into account the leaders, then the regional distribution has somewhat balanced and has become within the range of 11-16%.

Kyiv. New "Silpo". Trading floor in the style of "Kaleidoscope"

Kyiv. New “Silpo”. Trading floor in the style of “Kaleidoscope”

In the first half of 2022, the pattern of opening new FMCG stores has changed significantly:

  • Western region – 35.5%;
  • Central region – 25.1%;
  • Southern regions – 17.1%;
  • Kyiv – 10.9%;
  • Eastern regions – 6.2%;
  • Northern region – 5.2%.

The reason for this redistribution is the war in eastern Ukraine and the potential danger from Belarus.

Leading companies – who are they?


TOV ATB-Market was founded in 1999. Address: Dnipro, Oleksandr Polya Ave., 40. Authorized capital: UAH 9.393 mln. The number of employees is over 60 thousand people, the turnover is 128 billion UAH. (data for 2019). About 4 million buyers come to ATB outlets every day. Opening one store costs an average of 1.5-2 million dollars. For the first half of 2022, UAH 9.79 billion was paid to the state budget. taxes and fees. We have our own production facilities.

The name ATB is short for Agrotechbusiness. It was this company that opened 6 stores in Dnipro in 1993, thereby starting to develop its own retail trade. At the beginning, outlets were called Kalina, Topol, etc. When the “trees ended”, they switched to a three-letter abbreviation with simple serial numbers – the first grocery store under this name was opened in 1998. In 2001, after the reorganization, the stores began to work in the “discounter” format, that is, they offered goods at prices below the market average. The ATB-Market chain of stores was officially registered in 2003. Home delivery of groceries has been organized since 2019. The following year, it was decided to abandon the discounter format.


Commercial and industrial Fozzy Group appeared on the Ukrainian market in 1997. Located in the Kyiv region, Vishnevoe, st. Industrial, 5-V. Authorized capital UAH 26.52 mln. The state has more than 50 thousand employees. Turnover UAH 78 billion, taxes paid UAH 3.85 billion. (data for 2019). The total area of ​​stores exceeds 1 million square meters. m. There are own production facilities: a cannery (Nizhin), a food factory (Boguslav) and a poultry farm. Since 2005 he has been in the restaurant business. One of the strategic directions is our own import.

The first Silpo store was opened near Kyiv in the town of Vyshneve in 1998. In 2002 – the first outlet “Fora”. In 2015, we bought PJSC Sumiribhoz. In 2018, they became the owners of TOV “Belarus” (grain cultivation). At the end of 2020, in addition to the brands listed in the table, the company began to develop a network of Foody grocery mini-markets in Kyiv and Brovary (not to be confused with the online grocery store).

Kosiv in the Carpathians. Nash Kray supermarket trading floor

Kosiv in the Carpathians. Nash Kray supermarket trading floor


VolWest Group was founded in 1992. Address: Lutsk, st. Karbysheva, 1. The main direction of work is the strategic management of business projects. The network of retail stores “Nash Krai” has been operating since 2001 in three formats: a supermarket, an express and a “shop near the house”. For the last two, it develops a franchising system. There are products of the same name of its own brand. Opens retail outlets, mainly in the western and central regions of the country.

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