Horrific photos of Bucha massacre in Ukraine have shocked the world. And there are more ruined cities and killed civilians the global community will discover because of the genocide of Ukrainians that continues. It can be prevented not only by economic sanctions, gas and oil embargo, and providing Ukraine with heavy weapons but also by stopping powering the economy of Russia and supporting Ukraine instead.

Ukrainian products instead of Russian CRM and other business platforms - there are alternatives

Russia uses the taxes from business income to finance the war. Children are killed, and invaders have no moral principles. And every missile that destroys the Ukrainians’ homes is purchased for the profit of Russian companies, including software developers. The financing of Russian aggression should be stopped.

That is why a group of Ukrainian volunteers from Ukraine-based Netpeak Agency released a project called #ReplaceRUwithUA, a list of popular Russia-based SaaS and 100% Ukrainian alternatives. The main point is to list Russian software products and appeal to users worldwide to stop using bloody services and switch to Ukrainian alternatives.

We ask you to support the initiative and ask your readers to do the same. Thus, they can stop supporting Russian aggression and genocide of Ukrainians through software subscriptions. And instead, to help Ukrainian defend their lives and rights and keep all the values that humanity holds dear.

Please support Ukraine


A few words about Netpeak: it’s a Ukrainian-based performance marketing agency. Since 2006, Netpeak has helped more than 3000 companies and brands to lead the way and find more clients. Among them: OLX (by Naspers), Domino’s Pizza, Audi, Tripadvisor, Vodafone, Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte. Netpeak has offices worldwide, but the largest are in Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Odesa.

Netpeak Group contributes to Ukraine’s informational defense against Russian propaganda together with other IT companies founded and based in Ukraine.

Ukrainian volunteers and experts from Netpeak Agency released a project called #ReplaceRUwithUA which is a list of Russia-based software and Ukrainian alternatives so users worldwide can stop supporting Russian aggression and stand with Ukraine instead.

The initiative was supported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine:

Selected Russian services in the list continue active operations in Russia – receive payment from Russian clients, pay for offices and salaries and pay taxes. Meanwhile, the alternatives are 100% Ukrainian, and it is easy to transfer from Russian products.

The list of companies with contacts to add products is at the link:

The list is checked and verified for use.

The list is checked and verified for use

The list is checked and verified for use.

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